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Advancepts has been delivering Enterprise Grade technology to Small and Medium businesses in the New York Metropolitan area since 2010. Our ability to deliver simple & long-term solutions to our clients has helped us achieve, a 100% retention as service providers for the last 10 years. We have been delivering cloud solutions consistently since 2012.

We have helped enterprises & businesses in New York Metropolitan transform their business using new technologies and cloud. From building the right strategy to curating solutions on the cloud, we have been a trusted advisor for our customers.

We are a one place partner for modern technologies; Cloud and Mobility. Our expertise in building Cloud-only, Hybrid and Mobility solutions for enterprises & businesses are proven. We also provide a best in class 24×7 support for Microsoft Technologies with an onsite and offshore model.

Being a high-potential partner for Microsoft 365, Azure & Amazon Cloud Services, we have been able to build end to end processes for internal employees, frontline workers, and external vendors for enterprises across different industries. Our partnerships across the industry with leaders in IT & Cyber Security, Monitoring, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Compliance have been a pivotal in helping us provide our customers with Technology Value.

Cloud Services


Cloud Managed Services

Managing the complexities of your cloud environment can be challenging. From basic systems and infrastructure maintenance to automating BAU tasks. We help you manage and scale your cloud environments. With a single service – Perform Preventive maintenance; Minimize disruptions; get 24 x 7 monitoring, service desk support and reporting.


Cloud Security

Public clouds do not have clear perimeters, it presents a fundamentally different security reality. This becomes even more challenging when adopting modern cloud approaches. Your applications are in the cloud and users are everywhere. Your security can’t be tied to the data center. We work with you to identify these perimeters close the security loops.


Cloud Licensing

In the cloud, licensing come in many shapes and guises. With an expansive array of licensing options working your way through the legal and financial terms can be painful. Purchasing and renewing software licenses is time-intensive. Our cloud licensing services take on the complexity. With cloud licensing, a single service gives executives access to the expertise they can rely on.


Cloud Migration

If your organization is looking to modernize mission-critical applications and you’re planning a move to the cloud, you don’t want to repeat mistakes others’ have made. We help you navigate the complexities. We work with you to determine the right cloud strategy, operating model, roadmap, and ecosystem partnerships, combining our experience & expertise with technology insights for you.


Cloud Cost Management

Do more than just reduce costs — we make managing cloud costs across multiple cloud platforms simple. We offer a simple managed approach to cloud cost management and optimization. Powerful tools used by our teams enable cloud governance that allows business units and cloud resource owners to reduce wasted spend.


IT Procurement

We know IT procurement is about much more than just finding the lowest cost option. You need a supplier who is impartial, interested in your long-term success, has strong vendor relationships and will balance cost against quality. That’s where we come in to help

Cybersecurity Services



Our ERT can help identify, contain and work to minimize impact to your business due to a Ransomware attack. Our forensics identify the root cause of the attack; work with you to plug the breach. Rarely a ransomware attack cannot be fully mitigated, we can broker, validate a solution and minimize the cost of recovery.


End-user Security

Authentication, Data Loss Protection (DLP), Comprised Accounts, Phishing Attacks. The most effective End-User security solutions put all of these pieces together for a full-picture view. We help you Identify, Deploy & Manage the most robust End-User security solutions in the market, with security experts available 24 x 7; our SOC helps us go the extra-mile; to be pro-active in matters of security.


IT Compliance

Security and compliance go hand-in-hand, many organizations find it hard to deploy& maintain technology controls. Regulatory compliance is complex to understand, we work with you to help achieve & maintain HIPPA, PCI-DSS, SOX, SOC, GDPR. From drafting policies to ensuring compliance; we work with your teams to ensure your business is certified.


Regulatory Audits

If your organization is looking to certify mission-critical applications and data. We help you navigate the complexities. We work with you to determine the vendors for performing the audit in the easiest and fastest possible completion time. We provide vendors for HIPPA, PCI-DSS, SOX, SOC, GDPR Audits

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