Identity Management

Simplify identity lifecycle management with automated workflows, business rules and easy integration.

If Microsoft Active Directory is the only product that is servicing Identities in your enterpise; we can demonstrate hows its abilities can be multiplied expoenetially by extending its capabilites with Processes and Tools that have eveloved with our Identity Management Practice.

With Microsoft Identity Manager we can help:

  • Synchronize identities between directories, databases, and applications.
  • Self-service password, group, and certificate management.
  • Increase admin security with policies, privileged access, and roles.
  • Thwart identity theft.
  • Integrate effortlessly with Authentication providers & technologies.

Our Expertise

Process & Roadmap

we consult end-to-end on IDM; our experts help you envision, design & develop processes and workflows that are production tested.


We help you adopt the concept of "One Identity" for your business or enterprise and integrate this with all the apps that support modern authentication practices.


Workflows, Management Agents, synchronizations & reportings: get pre-created processes and tools to have a robust Identity Framework while we are there.

Fuctional Development

.Net development needed to make the MIM based Identity Platform successful.

Extended Identity

We can help to make idenity a simpler proposition while your on you're SaaS Journey.


Architectural & Engineering Services for Azure Identities


Managed & Support Services for Azure Identities

Knowlege & Process Transfer
Infrastructure Maintenance
24x7x365 Support.

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