On-Premise Infrastructure Management

Improve Efficiency. Lower Your Overhead. Grow Profitably.

Unlike other ISVs that are essentially software packages & staff augmentation Infrastcurture Management at Advancepts is a "Practice" and a fully-managed solution that allows you to increase your team's efficiency, reduce your service delivery costs and scale your business profitably. Through a combination of proprietary software and a skilled technical workforce, we offer you a level of efficiency and an opportunity to scale that's unique in the segment.

Our Expertise

Technology Service Delivery

IT labour and infrastructure costs can take up a significant percentage of your operating budget. When partnering with Advancepts, you have the opportunity to lower these costs by leveraging our software and services.

Access to Experts

With Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff, we're ready to help you every step of the way-whether it's closing tickets, providing remediation documentation and best practices, or completing routine maintenance and project work for you. We continuously capture, document and codify our experience in the form of business rules and a knowledge base, so our technical teams (and our partners) can have quick access to the information they need to be successful.

Round the clock Coverage

The Advancepts team monitors and manages your systems around the clock, 365 days a year, enabling you to provide 24x7 coverage.

Pay as you Go

With Advancepts, there are no surprises and no long-term contracts. What you pay each month is based on the number of software agents deployed, regardless of how many tickets have been issued and resolved. When you add a client, retire a server, or close down an office, your charges are adjusted to reflect only the number of active agents.


Infrastructure Management & Support Services for Datacenters & Co-Lo

Knowlege & Process Transfer, Ticketing System, Alerting Services, Infrastructure Maintenance,Change Management, 24x7x365 Support.