Microsoft Exchange & Email Management

No One Manages Enterprise Microsoft Exchange Messaging Environments Like We Do

We started our journey as Service Providers by managing On-Premise Email environments running on Microsoft's Exchange email platform. Email Expertise runs deep in our evolution. We manage very complex and dispersed email environments with precision and insight. Say yes to Microsoft Exchange and no to the cost and headaches of managing it. We manage the entire ecosystem for you including your relay servers, anti-spam subscriptions and compliance requirements.

Our Expertise


Be it Windows servers, Email Queues or application performance; we have our eyes and experts on it.


We understand the dynamics of a complex routed environment, our team makes sure the emails are routed as agreed.


Our email practice makes sure that they have a plan on maintaining the desired state of your email infrastructure and this care extends to your entire ecosystem of appliances and subscriptions.


Phishing, Spoofing, Malware & Emails DOS attacks; the practice gets pre-created processes and tools to consult you out of these email anamalies.


DAGs & NLBs are monitored, maintained and service drained for maximum availability.

Hybrid & Migration

Our experts provide long of temporary services while your on your O365 Journey.


Infrastructure Management & Support Services for Microsoft Exchange Email

Knowlege & Process Transfer,
Ticketing System,
Alerting Services,
Infrastructure Maintenance,
Change Management,
24x7x365 Support.

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