Penetration Testing

A penetration test of has the following characteristics:

  • It simulates real world attacks
  • It explores vulnerabilities in networks, systems and applications
  • It discovers the root cause of the attacks and controls it
  • It provides mitigation of the vulnerabilities found
  • It provides a risk management document for companies
  • It helps the companies in better deployment of security resources

Hackers are always finding ways to penetrate your systems and applications. This can have major impact on the company’s business and reputation.

It is significant to understand that one pen test cannot make your systems safe forever, as technology changes every day, new vulnerabilities arise in existing systems. To have thorough security one requires persistent vigilance, which is why we focus on building long term relationships with our clients and not just providing you with a checklist of vulnerabilities but guarantee the best possible pen test which offers you a proficient, high end security audit customized according to your needs.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a managed and controlled simulation of an actual invasion of the systems. It gives a clear idea and provides a realistic experience of the type of intrusions which can be done on your information systems. The way hackers attempt to break in is imitated to test the security in an effective way. During this test, all your defenses are put to a test to find out how your system detects intrusion and how effective are the security mechanisms. This will be evaluated by a skilled ethical attacker only this time you would have complete knowledge of what is happening in the testing process.

We offer three types of penetration testing:

White Box Testing

In this test we are provided the server information, network details, operating system details, application details, protocols etc. by our client. The main purpose of this test is to discover the threats occurring internally in the company, which means the threat is coming from your own employees.

Black Box Testing

In this test we are not provided any prior information regarding the networks, applications or systems. The main purpose of this test is to determine the threats occurring externally, and how external hackers would invade your systems.

Hybrid Testing

This test is a mixture of both white box testing and black box testing. In this test we first perform the black box testing on your systems and then perform the white box testing.

External or Remote Network Penetration testing

External testing mainly emphasizes on your publicly available resources of network which might lead you to a network compromise. This test can be performed with full or no discovery of the environment which is in question. A detailed analysis of your servers, routers, firewalls and applications would be done in this test. The first step of this test would be to test your publicly accessible information followed by network enumeration.

With the help of network enumeration, we target the hosts and other related network security attacks. After this the assessment of open portals, services and other security issues takes place and the information that is gathered through this assessment is then used to gain grip into the environment. After taking hold of the environment the escalation of privileges takes place up till the point when the external environment is under control.

Onsite or Internal Network Penetration testing

With the help of internal on-site penetration testing the businesses gets sense of surety that all the required tasks are being performed safely on Internet. This assessment has a strong similarity in terms of the methodology used in assessment of external testing, although in this scenario engagement will take place within the WAN at physical zone or attached DMZ or at logical management zone.

Benefits of Advancepts Penetration & Vulnerability Assessment Testing

- Identify security vulnerabilities before malicious hackers do

- Identifies the potential impact of vulnerabilities on your IT infrastructure

- Provides a clear picture of current information security risks

- Verification of existing security systems

- Help identify the gaps in organizational security controls, policies and processes

- Provides a specific, actionable plan to improve overall security posture based on your business needs

- Meet regulatory compliance requirements


A final report which includes detailed results of the testing performed & documentation on remediation of security flaws found. We deliver output from automated security vulnerability assessment tools (Qualys) & Internal penetration testing tools.

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