Windows on Google Cloud Platform

The best cloud proposition for Windows Workloads

Upgrade Your Infrastructure

With leading security, networking, and price-performance, Google's infrastructure is the best cloud environment for Windows and enterprise workloads. From Windows virtual machines and Microsoft SQL Server powering IT, line-of-business, and mission-critical applications, to native .NET integration across familiar Microsoft development tools like Visual Studio and PowerShell, Windows has a first-class foundation on Google Cloud Platform.

First Class Windows Cloud

Shift your focus to building great applications powered by Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server, available preinstalled on Google Compute Engine VMs with full licensing and support for your enterprise. A wide range of supported versions ensures continuity for your existing workloads, with licensing handled on your behalf and options to bring your existing licenses to Google Cloud Platform. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

Google-Grade Infrastructure for Windows

Google Cloud Platform enables you to exit non-differentiating, capital intensive activities like hardware procurement and maintenance. Retire hardware, improve server utilization, and avoid lock-in by paying as you go for Microsoft software. Your applications run on Google's own infrastructure, protected by world class security relied on by Google's own applications and services.

Scale Up, Scale Fast

Compute Engine's blazing VMs scale seamlessly to workloads of any size, anywhere around the world. Spin up new Windows Server instances that boot quickly. SQL Server can tap Persistent Disk to deliver 20,000 IOPS on 16-core machines and up to 25,000 IOPS on 32-core machines at no additional cost.

Hybrid Cloud Ready

Your enterprise applications run atop Google's global fiber network with over 100 points of presence across exchanges and interconnection facilities around the world. This gives your users ultra low latency for mission-critical enterprise applications wherever they reside geographically. Using Cloud Virtual Network and Cloud Interconnect, you can treat GCP as a seamless extension of your existing on-prem network and data center. Hybrid cloud allows you to run workloads flexibly where it makes sense, protecting your existing investment.

Lift and Evolve

GCP meets enterprises where they are: focusing on enterprise migration and continuity in the short term, and digital transformation in the long term. To help organizations along their journey, we have self-service migration tools as well as an ecosystem of partners with a wealth of experience with enterprise migration onto Cloud Platform. Contact us for a consultation on your migration plans.

Our Expertise

Professional Services for GCP

Yes we testify; windows workload work the best on GCP

GCP Professional Services by Advancepts® helps you move your Windows Workloads to GCP and keep them there with an unmatched service plan. We extend our DevOps capabilites to GCP and are committed to help your bussiness or enterpsie take full advantage of all GCP Iaas Concepts.


Design the GCP Infrastructure with Scale and Compatibitlity. This activity will take into account all aspects of Compute, Storage, Network, Resouce & Access Management.


Assess offerings guide your preparation for a large-scale migration to GCP. Offerings in this category include deploying the Tenent with security and infrastructure automation.


This engagement migrate your windows workload offerings and will include automation of your instances.


Architectural & Engineering Services for Windows on GCP


Managed & Support Services for Windows on GCP

Knowlege & Process Transfer Infrastructure Maintenance
24X7X365 Support